1 year ago

What hospital outfits are we planning on for baby?

I've seen some lovely ideas on here! šŸŽ€

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1 year ago

This picture is beautiful

1 year ago

Bring a cute outfit if you feel like it. But also bring a big flowy one. I was under the assumption Iā€™d lose tons of weight after having her. I ended up staying in my gown fur first day, baggy sweats the second and I changed into a dress the day I went home but I wish I had something more flowy and black. I totally still looked VERY pregnant leaving the hospital and I felt super self conscious!

1 year ago

Oof. I was too damn tired. Especially because the only help I had was mu husband no mom or sisters to help me get ready

1 year ago

I looked like Rocky after fighting Drago while I was in hospital for the birth. Not much better now 5 months on. šŸ¤£ I have two pictures of me in hospital holding Piper and I have just come out of surgery, high as owt and baby was thrust into my arms and partner shoved camera in my face as I grimaced šŸ¤£

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1 year ago

They look gorgeous! But nothing for me. All these massive bears would piss me off. It's so tight in hospitals I didn't even want cards or balloons. But it's a lovely picture and she probably made it to be able to frame it. All I have is a pic of me sleeping with little one and one of my oldest where half my boob shows because I feed him when my partner made the picture. Wouldn't hang that on a wall šŸ¤£

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