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5 years ago

Kissing Question 💋

A strange one, which I feel a little awkward about. I read an article recently about kissing your children on the lips, and when this should stop (and how ultimately, you shouldn’t do it). It’s not something I’d ever thought about, but now, I’m thinking about it all the time, and it’s weirding me out! Thoughts from you guys?
Kissing Question 💋

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1 month ago

I love kissing my baby on the lips. I don’t care what others think. Lol. I’ll be in the store and off my baby wants a 100 kisses, he’s getting them. 😂💕 At a certain age, I’ll stop.. but for now.. I attack his face with kisses. As far as germs go. I don’t kiss him when I’m sick, but I think passing some germs is not a bad thing. It build the immune system! Just wait till your kid chews an a grocery cart or finds something off the floor to put in their mouths. 😂 germs are everywhere. If you share food, or drinks with them (even cups or utensils) they are already getting those germs!

1 month ago

I have never kissed my kids on the lips and never will. Just MY opinion & no judgment for those who do. I find it inappropriate and just awkward because 1. You’re passing any germs or viruses you have to a your child. They have no choice in the matter because they don’t know better especially babies it’s also the reason I won’t kiss my babies’ hands since they go straight to their mouth and why I won’t let family members kiss them either. I’m not going to allow a direct route for germs and viruses into my babies’ mouths and 2. kissing on the lips I feel is something intimate between partners. My LO notices myself and husband kiss so she wants to give kisses. We'll let her give kisses on the cheek and we taught her to “blow kisses” as well. There are other ways to show affection like giving cuddles. There are so many locations like top of the head or forehead for kisses that I feel are more child appropriate. AGAIN just how I feel about it but to each their own.

2 months ago

Sorry but I find it weird. No offense. Lips are for lovers, no? I'm confused but I see many people do it and I honestly don't understand. Maybe at some point it would be good to stop it before they start forming longer term memories? Like after 2ish? (There are so many other spots like cheeks and head, try that) I mean kids should learn about some balance in life here and there, right? What if they start kissing others in the daycare on the lips? Idk...

3 months ago

Adults sexualise any form of physical contact because overtime we loose our innocence. But this mindset does not have to be projected onto your child and if you think giving your child a kiss on the lips or always giving them kisses is weird and it makes you feel awkward, then know that it’s because you’ve developed a lot of introjects from external factors which then becomes internalised, which then changed your perception about what kissing symbolises as a whole. Your child has nothing to do with your minds perception of kissing. I kiss my son on the lips, cheeks, forehead, hands, nose, head and tons of hugs and cuddles. It’s my way of showing my son love and nurture. He’s not a baby anymore but he’ll always be my baby and No amount of age will take that away. Each to their own I guess. But things only become weird if you make it distorted, not because it actually is distorted.

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3 months ago

Nicely said 🙂

7 months ago

I mainly kiss my daughters checks and forehead. I was also abused but that’s beside the point

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