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  • Kenilworth, United Kingdom
  • 19 days ago

Career change after maternity leave

Has anyone considered, or better still actioned a change of career after maternity leave? The logistics and structure of my job just don’t seem to work with two in childcare, and considering a change of job has led to me considering a change of career, but applying for a new role with family friendly hours is looking to be extremely restrictive. It seems like it’s full time if you want a career, and ‘just a job’ or ‘best stay where you are where you have rights to request flexi working’ if you need to fit the nursery run in. Feeling a bit deflated! Any advice or tips!?
  • C
  • Hope Island, Australia
  • a day ago

I totally feel ya! I was in a corporate role before having my son + if I went back I was having to basically chose work over my son + place him in daycare (+ the fees are ridiculously expensive) which we weren’t willing to do! I started an online business when Koa was 6 weeks old + now I get to work from home + still spend time with him. Have you considered working online or from home? X

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  • Cooper City, United States
  • 2 days ago

I completely left my field when we decided to have children for the same reason. It was an adjustment but now that I'm settled in my new career path I'm happier then I ever would have been attempting to stay and balance family life.

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  • Springfield, United States
  • 3 days ago

Again for some reason they make it impossible for us moms to be work women and moms. Honestly the only thing that does work is if you find something that you truly love doing and have a hobby for and make it work from home. That’s what I did and I have loved it! You don’t have to be a salesperson just a sharesperson. It also helped me with friendships since I wasn’t close to family or friends and also gave me a community to talk to pp.

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  • Strathroy-Caradoc, Canada
  • 4 days ago

This is Something I am considering as well! I’m a tradeswoman. Gone for 10-12 hrs a day for 3 months at a time depending on work. I can’t see my job working with the new one .... I feel ya mama🥵

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  • Alexandria, USA
  • 5 days ago

I changed companies a year and a half after returning from leave to get out of a dead end job. Best I can say is that since I was entering a new area of work where I did not have domain knowledge and they did not give me the training resources, it was not the right company/role to move to. I also learned a few months in that all the important conversations happened after I would leave for the day to get my kid. If I had known that upfront I would never have taken the job. I do think it is extremely hard to make a productive move within the first few years postpartum but not impossible. However, if I could go back in time, I would have left that deadend job before baby so I would feel good and settled for awhile after baby.

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