5 years ago

Not great women, not great men, great people?

I recently had friends over for dinner and started discussing these books. It is absolutely the most wonderful series of books, and I love reading them to my little boy (and recommend them to all). However, there are no books in the series which feature great men too. My friend was very adamant that this is simply “all history books” which is something I absolutely understand (and agree with). But my point to her, was that if we don’t start focusing on *people* who achieved greatness, as opposed to men, or women, aren’t we perpetuating gender stereotypes? Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this one
Not great women, not great men, great people?

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4 months ago

Ummmm there are definitely men in this series. I started reading these to my son and ppl gifted more with men. I don’t think it’s perpetuating gender stereotypes-maybe I’m confused. Let me go read the comments.

11 months ago

I’m sure I’ve seen some from this series with men

1 year ago

I agree with you, but is unpopular oppinion. Nowadays people want to group everything. Great men, great women, great pink scientists, great blue with pink stripes writers etc. And i do think it sends children message against unity.

1 year ago

They actually have one about Stephen Hawking. We were gifted it

4 years ago

My issue is the lack of black male representation. They make a point to showcase black strong females in STEM but we need to showcase black males in STEM and not just sports and entertainment.

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