Keto for fertility, anyone tried?

Hi all, I've heard some good things about how keto/low carb can drastically increase fertility. Something to do with insulin and sugars affecting egg quality. Anyone tried this and had any luck?
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I’ve heard good things. I’ve been keto for 5 months, and while ironically we’ve been using birth control preparing for IVF, I have done a physical where my health numbers have improved. I feel better and I heard while you might not want to lose weight during an Ivf cycle or transfer, that losing weight beforehand can improve chances, even 5-10 lbs. Even better if you can get bmi below 30, or below 25 ideally. It’s a struggle but crossing fingers it’s worth it in the end. I’m also never bloated anymore, and I can concentrate better.

I’ve heard a lot of advice against going low carb as a woman in general but especially while TTC and pregnant.

I've been doing keto for about 2 weeks and I actually had a positive ovulation test last week. So I don't know if it has really been from that or the tons of supplements I've tried, but I figure if it doesn't hurt then why not try it. We will see if my period or bfp shows up though. My OBGYN thinks I have PCOS and I had heard that keto is suppose to help with that so that is kind of what made me try it.

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Yes I heard that too... The more I research it the more I find. The NHS advice is to not to low carb during TTC or pregnancy. But there are mountains of pages of success stories attributed to low carb/keto style ways of eating. 🤔 Fingers crossed for you!

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