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  • Cape Coral, United States
  • over 1 year ago

More babies!

My fiancé and I want more babies. We’re not in a rush, but we’re not sure when. When do y’all think is a good time to try for another? Our son is 5 months. When we first tried for our son, it took months and I know it’s always going to be different for each baby and each try. I just want opinions! Thanks mama’s!💗
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Mine are 11 months apart, both girls so there was a little jealousy but it’s getting better everyday my 1 yo is getting friendlier with my 1 month old, idk I feel like there will be less resentment of “being replaced” because they are closer in age and we plan on having another baby maybe next year as well, but I know when I was about 4 and a new baby came around I felt like I got pushed to the side and forgotten about so you have to take that into account 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • Catonsville, United States
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My kids are 8 years apart. No infertility, we had our first young and purposely waited until we were older and stable to have our second. And I’m so glad I did! I don’t think spacing matters, so whenever you feel ready is the best time. I now have an IUD because I’m pretty sure we’re done.

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  • New York, United States
  • over 1 year ago

Well it’s up to you if your ready right now than go for it. Good luck 👍 and enjoy 😊

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  • Bromsgrove, United Kingdom
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There's 22 months between my 2 and it's an amazing age gap for them tbh. They have such an amazing bond 😍

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Agree with Lauren! 👍☺

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  • over 1 year ago

There are benefits to having only one kid in diapers at a time. Mine are 3 years apart for that reason. Also, the memories of the c-section had to fade before I would consider a second...LOL

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