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  • Sun Prairie, United States
  • 13 days ago

Pregnancy & Interviews

I have decided to put out my resume for a new job for reasons I'd rather not discuss. I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant (not visibly showing yet) and not sure how to go about letting potential jobs know that I'm pregnant. Any advice?
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  • Kirkwood, United States
  • 7 days ago

I interviewed around 6 months but it was my first and she was small and I wore a baggy shirt. I was so worried about it. Worried about my company finding out, worried that nobody would hire someone that is going to leave for 6-12 weeks. I’m so happy I did it. I have the best job, boss, coworkers, much more responsibility and respect. It was definitely nerve wracking to start a new job then tell my new boss two weeks later that I was expecting but it was such a pleasant experience (he has kids, thank the Lord). My coworkers even had an edible arrangement for me at the hospital, I’m so thrilled it was a dream come true. Do it. You’re doing it for you and your new family. ❤️

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  • York, United States
  • 8 days ago

I had a phone interview at 6 months, and got offered the job with paid training on the spot.... it was then that I said, “is it going to be a problem when a whale of a pregnant woman walks through the door?” He was so shocked that he laughed and said, “absolutely not, because now I know you’re honest and up front and those are the people we need.” I’d say it depended on the job and what you’re planning to do once baby gets here, but keep that in mind that some people aren’t going to be shit bags about you being part of the circle of life

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  • Minneapolis, United States
  • 8 days ago

I got my job when I was pregnant. I didn't tell them until I got the job offer.

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  • Austin, United States
  • 10 days ago

I didn’t tell my current boss I was pregnant until the 2nd trimester. I interviewed and was hired at 9 weeks.

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  • Cypress, USA
  • 11 days ago

I have started a new job when I was pregnant with all three of my kiddos. The first time I found out I was pregnant between the interview and my first day. The second time I was 6 months pregnant and was recruited via LinkdIn. This pregnancy I got a call back from a company I put my application into months before I was pregnant. I think I was 3 months along this time. I let my first employer know at about 14 weeks pregnant, so I'd been there about 6 weeks. The other two I told my boss in the interview. None of them seemed to mind and they've all been pretty supportive. Note: you have to work somewhere for a year to be eligible for the 3 months of FMLA. So, you can only take off for disability at a new job- which, is typically 6-8 weeks depending on your delivery. That short a length of time isn't that concerning to most employers.

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  • Germantown, United States
  • 10 days ago

So take off for disability? What’s the process for that?

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