Asthma Babies

My little one is 1.5yrs and she is too young to be clinically diagnosed with Asthma but the doctor has agreed she has it.. Any of you ladies have any tips? Here is a pic of us relaxing with a bottle while we watch Shrek
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Both my little ones have the same thing. We were prescribed flexotide to use. It definitely helps both mine, normally will only here a cough on the cold mornings now

My paediatrician said 1 isn’t too young to diagnose asthma after I told him that’s what my GP said. My son doesn’t have asthma we’re still trying to figure out what’s wrong with his chest but the inhaler helps on bad days

We’ve tried the inhaler but I can only get my almost two year old to do it whilst he’s sleeping which isn’t as effective. I guess it depends on the cause of the asthma too. My little one is at least partially allergy related so we’ve given him telfast at times which has definitely helped.

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