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How much does a normal 18 month old supposed to weigh my daughter is a tiny 8.6kg but she eats like crazy but can't keep the weight on. Is anyone else's baby's the same
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My son is almost 16kgs at 18 months however his height and head circumference is also in the 98th percentile. I think it’s all relevant to proportion. Your girl is probably just a small kid, she looks beautiful and healthy to me. X

I agree she looks healthy and happy. My 18m old girl is 11.9 and also never stops eating and bouncing off the walls lol

She is getting weighed tomorrow fingers crossed she's put some weight on 🤞🤞

I’ve been worried about my daughter too, everyone keeps saying how small she is at 19 months she is 9.5kg. But the doctor says she’s fine but said a multi vitamin might help.

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Shes 20 months old is still not even 9 kg yet

My 20.5 month old is only 11kg

My 20 month old has weighed 10.5 kgs for the longest time now. He eats so much too!! It’ll just take time, every baby is different. As long as they’re happy and healthy :)

My daughter is 20 months and 12kg and that’s apparently average? Get checked if concerned

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