• B
  • Webster, United States
  • 9 days ago

What percentage of your paycheck goes into saving?

  • V
  • Keller, United States
  • 15 hours ago

We can save about $2,300/month. My 3 month old gets $25 into his account every month.

  • C
  • San Antonio, United States
  • 17 hours ago

We also follow Dave Ramsey and love it. We have 1k emergency fund. This is for unexpected things like tire and blow out, plumbing, etc. If you ever have to use it then you Refill. We’ve paid off debt except our mortgage. So both of our cars are paid off school etc. We have a 6 month expense fund. This includes 6 months of mortgage and total budget. And the rest goes into investment funds/Roth RIA. We live on 25% of our income so 75% goes into investment funds saving. We live very very frugal lives. We have a very strict budget and it’s worth it.

  • S
  • Willow Grove, United States
  • 2 days ago

We save 20-25% per pay check each month into savings.

  • J
  • San Jose, United States
  • 2 days ago

It depends on your situation. Saving 10%, 20% or 30% is a good amount to start.

  • B
  • Eagan, USA
  • 2 days ago

My boyfriend puts 50-100 bucks a month but every other month we have to take it out. His check goes to bills and food and mine pays the sitter so I can work because with more experience I can eventually make more money. Sometimes it does not feel worth it.

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