• B
  • Webster, United States
  • 8 months ago

What percentage of your paycheck goes into saving?

  • A
  • WA, US
  • a month ago

None. I'm in debt so there's nothing extra for savings.

  • M
  • Irving, United States
  • 17 days ago

Been there! Hopefully you’ll get out of debt soon!

  • J
  • 2 months ago

About 10% and I have 20% or more up in investing. I’m investing and also a part of Digital Assets literacy campaign and we teach free classes and consulting throughout the US, Europe and Canada. Love to help anybody who needs it, ask me anything! ❤️

  • T
  • Reno, United States
  • 3 months ago


  • R
  • Clementon, USA
  • 3 months ago

$500/month into savings. We put in more if we can. We live paycheck to paycheck.

  • S
  • TX, US
  • 2 months ago


  • S
  • TX, US
  • 2 months ago

$500? I’d like to know how much talks paycheck is if y’all live paycheck to paycheck. 😳

  • H
  • Peachtree City, United States
  • 3 months ago

11.4÷ I wish it was more 😒 but we only get paid once a month and very little after taxes 💸💸💸

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