4 years ago

Military mama/wife

Sometimes being a military mom/wife is so difficult especially whenever my husband has duty(has to spend the night on the ship). I’m a first time mom and a student and lately I’ve been struggling with PPD on top of that. Whenever he has to spend the night on the ship I try to stay distracted and busy (pretty easy to stay busy with a newborn lol) so the day goes by faster. But I usually end up feeling stuck in the house and miss my husband. It’s also tough for me to fall asleep without him home. I just wish I had family on the same island as me to have a closer support system. Idk how other military moms do it but I am having a hard time especially being a SAHM.😪
Military mama/wife

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1 year ago

Your not alone! I had a week with my new born and then the next two weeks he was gone on training. ( Marine) so I understand have you made friends around you?

1 year ago

I feel you… my partner is deployed and haven’t met our baby yet.. it’s hard but I just try to keep myself busy with work and kids.. I’m here if you need someone to talk to

1 year ago

I feel you. My husband is a flight nurse practitioner in the civilian world and works 24 hour shifts (sometimes 3 a week). I find it difficult to complete tasks when he’s gone. We’re also getting ready for a 9 month deployment next year. Not looking forward to that

3 years ago

I get how you feel wish I was closer! It’s not easy but you can make it! You can always friend me I love and enjoy talking!

3 years ago

My husband is in Honolulu for two weeks. But I get to come visit for the weekend 😁

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