Episiotomy and perineal tears

I really wish I had of prepared myself for the outcome of tears. I wasn’t and daily it was extremely painful. I’d say my essential list would have been: 1) A very cushioned, comfortable seat (Apparently lying if you can, so you’re not putting pressure on the stitches - Not very feasible with a newborn). 2) Warm water in a squirty bottle when I went to pee, was the best thing people could have recommended! 3) Stool softener because of the tear I was petrified and ended up not going for 2/3 days after birth 😬 so these would have been a godsend! 4) Cushioned maternity pads as they didn’t aggravate the stitches. 5) Loose clothing! 6) My midwife recommended a bath twice a day with badedas. Which did help heal the wound and smells amazing. Hoping this can help others ♥️
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