• M
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 6 days ago

Fear of not loving your second child?!

  • G
  • Goole, UK
  • 5 hours ago

It never crossed my mind, I love all of my children they are all special and all loved

  • P
  • Greeley, United States
  • 13 hours ago

Yes! I’ve been through this before but not my heart is even more complete with my second.

  • M
  • Chula Vista, United States
  • 17 hours ago

This is how I felt. I wouldn’t even touch my belly I didn’t feel connected to my second and I felt so bad because I thought when she was born she would feel it but as soon as she was born the love was there. And for my third I knew that it was nonsense I love all my kids the same just different kind of love.

  • s
  • Seattle, United States
  • a day ago

Every mom feels tht bc the love u have for ur children is so much how cld u possibly love anyone as much as them. Let me tell you..4 kids in.. u learn tht wow I can truly love someone just as much but in a different way. This is something no txt book can ever explain. It's a feeling of love tht only moms feel once they have children. I mean we literally give life to a tiny person made from the love u share w someone else. Or by someone u just met lol or an ex maybe lol or whatever the situation may be. A moment of attraction. A few moments of perfection ba da BOOM ba da bing we (women) give life to a little thing. You wont love the 2nd one the exact same as baby 1 but u will love him/her JUST AS MUCH. promise. Like I said. I. 4 kids deep over here. I've learned a thing or two. Good luck mama. Ur on track and feel Exactly What every momma feels. Yay.

  • S
  • Atlanta, United States
  • 2 days ago

Never was my fear. If u can love multiple partners or family members why would u have a fear of loving multiple children u bear in your womb? I’m on baby 3 and it never crossed my mind.

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