4 years ago

Flat head treatment?

My baby always sleeps with his head to one side and it’s impossible to move it over to the other side. He’s developed a flat head on that side. Our doctor told us to tuck a piece of foam or a blanket under his shoulder but we are a little concerned that might be hazardous for him when sleeping in his crib overnight. Does anyone have experience with this? Have you found anything that works?
Flat head treatment?

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3 months ago

Instead of only correcting baby’s flat head you also need to correct the reason for only turning the head one way. Look up torticollis and the stretches you can do for it on YouTube. Once baby can turn their head the other way it’ll be easier to correct the flat head. Helped my son 100%

5 months ago

Cleva mama is a brand that makes pillows for flat head. My girl had a flat head and the pillow really helped plus you can get stuff for car seat as well so you can use it non stop

Putney, Greater London, GB
5 months ago

My little boy has the same. We currently seeing an osteopath to help correct. During the night we use the camera to help change his head direction. During tummy time all the toys to the opposite side to encourage the neck rotation. They say it takes time but take a picture and observe ever so often if there’s an improvement( maybe?)

9 months ago

I work for Orthotics and we also recommend a foam noodles inside a shirt to reposition. Some insurances request "conservative treatment " before baby is eligible for a helmet. Conservative treatment is either reposition at home for 2 months "recorded by pediatrician "or PT sessions recorded. We usually start helmet therapy around 5 months? Anything before that we don't recommend just yet. I hope this helps

2 years ago

I follow a RN on Instagram who gives a ton of new baby advice and specializes in postpartum and infant care. She’s amazing- name is Karrie Locher. She covered this topic one day and said that you should put baby in the crib with their head facing the opposite way every night. She basically said this comes down to babies looking at the door when they sleep or a certain direction so changing each night keeps the head from getting flat. I’m not sure if this applies to your case but worth a try!

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