4 years ago

Carrying low??

I'm coming up on 24 weeks & my boy is super low. Everyone wants to feel him kick but, I mostly feel him under my pants & very occasionally in my lower belly. When is he gonna move up some? Anyone else experience this??
Carrying low??

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8 months ago

Am 20 weeks ,carrying low and my obgyn diagnosed it as ‘placenta previa’.It can either be marginal or complete,meaning partly or completely covering the cervix,respectively.She however said that 95 per cent of those placentas move up by 30 weeks,but if not then the results wiuld be Cs birth,other risks might include preterm baby or bleeding,both due to the pressure on the cervix.I was terrified but am glad I found people here with similar situation that we can compare notes as we go along.Just ask your obgyn to check and monitor your placenta placement during your checkups.Wishing us all well here!

10 months ago

My baby girl is low to and i am only 26 weeks

1 year ago

Im also carrying low! Im feeling small movement towards my abdomen. Sometimes i feel the pressure of the baby walking .

1 year ago

Is it true if you carry low it's a boy?! Or is this another one of those wives tales?!

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1 year ago

True for me too, two girls both high but boy this time is low!

1 year ago

I was higher put with my girl but really low this time with a boy so it's true for me 👍

2 years ago

Carrying very low with my baby girl and it’s a pain in the butt sometimes

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