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  • about 1 year ago

Necessary and unnecessary baby items?

What are some of the most useful nursery and baby items you bought or received that you couldn’t live without and would recommend? Also what are useless items that baby either hated or didn’t need (wipe warmer?) Any recommendations will help, since I’m starting to shop for baby’s arrival. Thank you!
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So much goes to waste with babies. I’ve been buying toys and strollers on amazon open box. It’s a bigger savings and they’re plastic so you can wipe them down when you get them. I got a $100 and something jogger for ) $67 dollars. What’s awesome if you don’t like it you can still return it ;)

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Is there a way to sort out open box items on Amazon? I couldn't find it.

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Depending on whether or not plan on breastfeeding bottle-feeding or both I would say the boppy lounger or a carrier wrap that you can easily wear around the house like the baby k'tan or Moby. I am able to make her a bottle do some housework and blow-dry my hair out of the shower when I'm wearing the wrap. just makes my life so much easier I wish I put it on my registry.also more than one changing pad if you have a multi-level home. I love my portable changing pad clutch buy rabbit which I found on Amazon

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  • Halifax, Canada
  • over 1 year ago

Baby carriers are a godsend! I have 3 different styles now and we used them all the time. We also loved swaddle sacks (particularly the love to dream swaddle up). I didn’t use my swing much at all. Also didn’t use my nursing cover even once. I definitely could have done without my stroller until she was old enough to face forward, she didn’t like the car seat- so it was kind of a waste to get the one that clips with the bucket seat. If I had to buy again I’d go second hand since I really didn’t need the set.

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  • over 1 year ago

A few things that made our life easy— Rock n play until 6 mo—super easy to move around the house and bring on trips. Boppy lounger— this worked for us for a long time over the regular u shaped boppy. Dock a tot— Just get one. Sound machine— we had a small portable with batteries and Mybaby with sounds and a light projector. Also, your phone has sounds. Baby carrier— we loved the Solly wrap over the Boba when he was a newborn and up to 4-5 months. Carrying him when he was so little was great for mommy and daddy!! The baby bjorn and Ergo are great once they can hold their own head. Carriers are much needed! Baby breeza— The bottle washer and DRYER! Key! Baby food maker, you’re welcome. Bath seat— we loved the Fisher price seat with the infant sling that grew with him until 6-7 months. Then we switched to a Keter bath seat. Suction cups on the bottom and it keeps them from slipping in the tub. Good luck!

  • Patricia
  • Green Bay, United States
  • about 2 years ago

Mamaroo or Rockaroo (instead of a swing), we bedshare so basically everything that a nursery required was cut. FAWN DESIGN bag, invest in a damn good diaper bag that is universal for a handbag!!! Diono Radian car seat- INVEST in one (and only one) car seat you’ll ever need! An umbrella stroller was a lifesaver, and super cheap!

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