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  • 5 months ago

Working out while nursing

Hey Mamas! I was wondering about how working out affects nursing/milk supply. My little one is 6 months and we had a real rough time in the beginning with nursing and milk supply. I am now terrified that if I work out harder than a brisk walk that I may dry up. What are your experiences? I’ve heard so many different things but have no idea what to believe. My hope is to get back to my normal workout routine of HIIT but only if it doesn’t affect my son.
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I just signed up at my old gym again, LO is just over 6 months, I’ve been trying to work out at home after going to physical therapy for a couple months but it’s just not the same. Only thing my physical therapist said is 1) take it slow and don’t go past exhaustion, one step at a time 2) keep hydrated But most importantly 3) watch your posture and don’t overdo it- you’re more prone to injury and more likely to do permanent damage with bad posture, especially when weight lifting. I’ll let you know in a couple weeks if it’s affected supply at all. I’ve already started taking my supplements again and so far they’ve increased my supply.

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Hey ladies! I have an 8 month old and I thought it would be the same thing with drying up when I hit the gym hard core but it was the opposite! 👍❤️ My milk supply stayed the same but I found that for me at least I HAD to pump literally right before I worked out and right after or I would explode. From everything I’ve read I found that working out will usually either increase milk supply or keep it about the same. Just remember to STAY hydrated! As breastfeeding mamas it’s import no matter what but especially when we start going back to the gym to get our sexy back! Best of luck!

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Workouts shouldn’t effect supply. Make sure you’re drinking at minimum 80oz of water a day and probably up on workout days. Try to relax physically and mentally (I know haha) but that will also help your supply.

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Hey momma. I highly recommend working out now. Stay hydrated and don’t go too long will you will miss feedings. Also remember the caloric toll breastfeeding takes on you. You don’t want to go too deficit or it will negatively affect you. At 6 months I’m sure that baby is getting heavy and nursing is having a toll on your posture, so definitely incorporate strength training and corrective exercises. I’ll be kicking off a strength training for moms that focus on body positivity. PM me if you are interested

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It can change the taste slightly but doesn't effect your supply :) just make sure you stay hydrated! Xo

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