Postpartum Thyroiditis

Ladies, I’ve just been diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis. Please read up on this if you haven’t heard of it, as it is another thing I wasn’t aware of 😬😩 It’s uncommon however it can happen. I’ve added pics of the side effects and the dr can also check for thyroid problems should you feel like you have symptoms that you can’t pinpoint a cause to ♥️
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Is this common if you have had thyroiditis before? I had this a few years ago (before pregnancy and it was NOT FUN) ever since my levels have been a bit higher than average but not off enough for medication

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@allison I’m honestly not sure sorry. Could be as that was one of the first questions the consultant asked me and I’ve never had an issue until I gave birth.. I completely sympathise, that’s awful 😞 x

Thank you for this I have been going through most of these symptoms. I have a doctors appointment next week. I just thought it might be anxiety but this makes so much sense xx

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@Suze Jones no problem at all, I just know it’s something I wish I’d have known. Hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms, inbox me if you need to. Hope you’re better soon xx

So I have actually been doing my research on this and thinking about bringing it up to my doctor because I have been feeling off and having a lot of these symptoms. I'm just wondering did they give you medicine? Or tell you to start doing something different? And how did the doctor diagnose you? Did you have to do a blood test or did he just feel for lumps in your thyroid?

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I would definitely bring it up. Sometimes they pass it off as other things, I know I passed it off as just being tired etc from having a baby. Yeah I have medicine for it now as it did get to the point my symptoms were bad, so definitely ask about it. If you’re pregnant they need to monitor you and the baby if medication is given. They can check with a blood test so if you’re unwell I’d definitely push for one. I actually got admitted to hospital with chest pains and from bloods they happened to find out about it. They noticed I had tremors and I didn’t know the cause so they tested as they knew it could be to do with my thyroid. Inbox me if you need any help x

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