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  • Bedford, United States
  • 25 days ago

Postpartum needs

Sooo I have absolutely everything I could ever need to welcome my son into the world but I am curious about what I will need for myself. What are some mommy things y’all needed for healing/taking care of yourself after birth?
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  • Brooklyn, USA
  • 16 days ago

Depending on your feeding plans: Everyone I know ended up saying they wished they had set up a lactation consultant appointment for once they arrived home (some insurance companies, Aetna I know, covers the home visit) ladies were saying..."the nurses in the hospital weren't that helpful with breastfeeding etc, it was way trickier than I imagined it would be, etc" I praised my LC so much, she made breastfeeding work for us. The home visit was so convenient and helpful.

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  • Bolingbrook, United States
  • 19 days ago

I would buy Colace, god knows that first week PP is easier when you can go number two. Really learn/watch how to do deep latch to avoid nipple tearing, and read about the magic of your own milk if sore nipples happen. I used TENA pads as they as as soft as the once they use at the hospital. Stuck up on water plenty of water if you planning on breastfeeding and on yogurts(less meat as number two will not be fun) and crackers for midnight cravings to avoid running downstairs all the time to snack on sweets (who needs more weight gain after delivery, right? 😂). Sleep is the only way for you to stay sane. Focus on your needs and the baby’s, house chores not ur concern in the first few weeks. Baby nappy cream Bepanthen (Amazon) works magic, I can’t recommend it enough to all my friends, it’s very greasy and helps skin folds, especially in between the legs(boys) and butt area(girls) as babies pee aaaaalot. It also helps with any scratches or cuts for baby and mommy (I use that cream everywhere) it’s pure magic!

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  • Hillsboro, United States
  • 20 days ago

I forgot to order nursing pads. before milk regulates you might have engorged boobs which are painful and leak, it was terrible to change clothes and wash them. I bought reusable ones from Amazon and they are a lifesaver

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  • Barrie, Canada
  • 20 days ago

I 100% agree with DIAPERS over pads

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  • Halifax, Canada
  • 20 days ago

Freezer meals are great prep you can do ahead... and accept all help! If someone asks how they can help don’t be afraid to say what you need. If it’s holding the baby so you can shower or nap, or asking someone to vacuum for you, etc.

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