Picky with Solids 🤷‍♀️

We started solids with my daughter about 2 months ago (at 6 months, she’s almost 8 months now) and despite trying many many fresh/homemade fruits and veggies, and like 5 brands of organic store bought foods, she ONLY likes fresh avocado and banana that I mash up in front of her!! Why doesn’t she like anything else? Is it a texture thing? Anyone else have a picky eater? Literally going through like 8🥑🥑 a week!
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I’ve noticed that the store purée has lemon juice in the banana one. My baby likes organic sweet bananas too😆 I think since it doesn’t contain the lemon juice. He wasn’t picky until now. He won’t want to finish citric added purées. He is transitioning to more on finger foods now. I think it takes time for them to know what they like and dislikes. and also sometimes the parents palette influence their kids to what they like and doesn’t like as well. I’ve heard that when they aren’t ready yet and is too early for the solids; they tend to gag or spit it out. Mine did that in the beginning. Therefore, I have slowly thickened the rice cereal. Now he can eat more of the solid foods than before. Good luck! You can do this!!! Just slowly transition to solids. There is no rush. Every baby has different timing for everything 😉

It’ll come, don’t worry about rushing it, just keep offering. My daughter pretty much only wanted eggs or baby cereal pancakes for months and around 10 months she just decided she loved eating most foods and is still a bit picky (toddlers love carbs and snacks haha) but she’ll eat pretty much anything now if she doesn’t think there are other options. Just make sure baby is getting the right nutrients via breast milk or formula in the meantime.

Omg!!! I need to read all the comments, but first i wanted to comment. Thank goodness i saw this. Mine is worse! She is going to be 9months in 2weeks and hates solids. She will eat rice cereal, which i didn't even want to give her. But, anything else, she wont. Ive tried oureed, semi pureed, solid like blw pieces. She hates it all. She gets a piece in her mouth and gags and gags until she can get it back to the front of her tongue to spit it out. This week ive been ready to give up.

We used to put yogurt on everyting. It was the only my son would eat. Hang in there, they do grow out of it

Have you tried those mixture pouches or apple sauce pouches. Or has you little watched you eat the food your trying to feed. That's how my little girl got into pita.

My son didn’t want anything but bananas, strawberry/banana, and the mix fruits. The only way he ate anything else was if I bought the baby food with meat in it and veggies. Or the ones with ceral made into them. Would spit out and throw it if I tried to mix a jar of baby food myself with baby cereal. Also didn’t like the meat in the jars by them selves which was fine cause it is gross!!! (Tried al his baby foods)

Have you tried baby led weaning? Batons of carrots and cucumber to see if she wants to try and feed herself?

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Going to try this!

Yes, this!

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