Toliet training

What age did you mumma's toliet train your babies been trying for 2 weeks for my 18 month old
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I hope that’s chocolate 😂 or I’d say you’re having a rough go with the toilet training 😅. I see it’s been a few weeks..How did it end up going? My boy is 20 months and we still haven’t attempted. I have noticed he is more aware and is starting to say pee or poo right before he goes so I think we are getting closer to attempting it (we’ve had a potty out for a few months now just to get him familiar with it).

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We also haven't started training our recently turned 21 month old. But I would like to know how you start yours

We started “Oh crap” two weeks ago because we figured lockdown was the perfect time. We’ve not had an accident at all this week (but except for when we got stuck in a line for covid testing for 2 hours 😭) It’s not for everyone but it’s been great for us

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what do u mean by "oh crap?" Sorry for the ignorance? 😬

Britney, I just met someone today who said it she did potty training from 18 months and worked really well for her after 2-3 weeks.

I have successfully trained my 20 months old boy in a week he only wears nappies to bed at night.

Still trying to toilet train our almost 4yr old. It's certainly proving difficult and he starts kindy on the 1st

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