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Hey fellow may baby mammas☺️ Just wondering how much formula your baby is currently taking? My lil girl is taking 30oz a day (5 x 6oz bottles) but it's defo time to increase her oz's again, there dusnt be a drop left in the bottle!! She is a lil chunk, but then again so was her big brother 🤣 Shes 12 weeks now 😊
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Hey Laura 👋 my lil fella was the exact same such a hungry baby. I started adding a spoon of baby rice into his bottles and has made such a difference to him he's so much more satisfied now. I also had to start him on solids at 4 months because he was so hungry.

Hey Laura 👋🏼 My baby was born 3rd May and was 7.13 when she was born! She’s also taking 5 x 6oz bottles everyday and sleeps the whole way through the night (or at least she was until her teeth started to cut 😭) and she’s bang on her target weight for a baby her age! 😁 PHN told me to start introducing solids between 4-6 months, and my small one is hommering through the 6oz’s now too lol so I feel it’s time to up her ounces and then start her on solids if they aren’t satisfying! 🙈

My little boy is 10 weeks old and he takes 7-8ozs every 2-3 hours during the day!

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Sam has about 7 bottles throughout the day. He gets his last bottle at 10.30 before bed and he sleeps until about 6.

How many bottles would he have? 😊 She sleeps tru at night so wud have her 5 bottles in the space of about 14hrs🙈 She was on 5oz bottles at 2 weeks, dont know wether to try her with the hungry baby food. Her brother was on that at nightime, he wud have 14oz going to bed🐷🤣🤣

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