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  • Modesto, United States
  • 3 months ago

Sleep training

Still exclusively breastfeeding & cosleeping but wanting to get some more sleep. I’ve tried sleep training in the past & he wouldn’t sleep in the crib for more than an hour 😫 He is 9 months old, any advice would help. Thanks
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  • Boise, United States
  • 9 days ago

We sleep trained at 5.5 months. It only took half of one night. Before then we co-slept and fed to sleep and swaddled and used a binkie, and he was waking every 30 min to 2 hours crying and feeding and etc. We weaned him off all of that cold turkey the night we sleep trained. He is now almost 9mo and sleeps in his crib in his room a solid 10-13 hours every night! I realize this post is 2 months old. Has it gotten better?

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  • Orlando, United States
  • 20 days ago

When he falls asleep put him in his own bed so that he can wake up in there. Also let him play in his crib show him it’s a nice place. I did that for my daughter she sleeps in her own bed and she’s 4 months old now. Only occasionally I will co-sleep with her. Also try making the area smell like you.

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  • Windsor, CA
  • a month ago

Try naps during the day put him in his crib n see how that goes it's all about introducing him to it slowly so he knows it's safe and ur right there close by still .. even if night he falls asleep in ur room will he wake up if u were to carry him to his room n put him in his crib? If he doesnt wake up do that n see how that goes but honestly how ever u decide to do be consistent.. my son has been in his room for 3 1/2 mos already he doesnt need to be sleeping all the way either when going to bed I literally put him down hugs and kisses turn on his noise maker and I walk out ... hes teething and that tried to interrupt our routin but I had to let him some what cry it out one night cause he was expecting to get picked up and lay with me but I didnt allow it 3 attempts and a little water to soothe the throat he fell asleep and I'm happy to say as of right now we are back on track and hes been sleeping thru the night 11-11 basically every night

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  • Austin, United States
  • 2 months ago

Ferber method! Look it up-worked like a charm. There is crying involved which was hard but now she is getting the sleep she needs at night and comfortable in her own crib. She’ll wake up but puts herself back to sleep. It’s a game changer.

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  • 2 months ago

My sister is going through the process of sleep training her six month old son and she’s on here name is Bethany Quantz she has had some good luck with One of those music toys that lights up The ceiling, and also tells me she has him play in his room more during the day so he is very comfortable at night. I believe he’s taking his naps there also, for my daughter it was classical music rocker in the rocking chair while standing with her beat her in there all before bed I would have the same routine every night Bath first using Johnson and Johnson baby bedtime and lavender products and then lotion massage and Rockingchair feeding then bed I would stay in the room rubbing her or just letting her know I was still there then sneak out.

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