• J
  • Kidderminster, United Kingdom
  • 3 months ago

My postpartum tum!!

It’s easy to look at other moms posting gorgeous photos of their bodies postpartum. And good for you if you are one of those lucky moms! I’m not, my body is real. It’s covered in stretch marks and has lots of loose skin. But that’s ok, I’ll never have a flat defined scar free tummy. One day I’ll learn to love these marks from carrying my little boy for 10 months. 🤰🏼 Remember social media only shows us what people want us to see. Maybe not always the truth. So, for all you moms covered in tiger stripes too, this ones for you!! You are beautiful, I am beautiful, our scars are beautiful 💙💙💙
  • A
  • Hamilton, CA
  • 20 days ago

Amen!!! I am definitely in this boat with a double sided paddle 😉 after my first pregnancy, my stomach was so stretched it looked like I gave birth to Freddy Krueger and than I had 2 more kids 1 right after the other; so even now 10 years after my 1st and 7 years after my 3rd it's still loose tummy that looks like it's covered in pink flames ( my 8yo says it's like a marshmallow😒 ) I'm ok with it now. I do drink a boatload of water every day and bio oil or coconut oil it up every day to help the stretch marks heal 💗 But it was strong enough to carry my 3 babies so I can't hate on it.

  • C
  • Germantown, United States
  • 23 days ago

Saying things like "your real" and "you feel better after seeing "real" people like you" is extremely ignorant. So basically if a woman has good jeans and doesnt get horrible stretch marks shes fake? Wow. Poor choice of words hunny.

  • C
  • Germantown, United States
  • 16 days ago

Exactly. I started lubing up the day i found out i was pregnant. Im trying so hard not to get them but i know its whatever

  • D
  • Port Ludlow, United States
  • 16 days ago

I agree! I have stretch marks and I did everything to prevent them. Nothing helped. I gained about 40lbs and I am very short so my whole body has stretch Mark's. I have worked so hard to lose weight through depression and anxiety. I am smaller than I was pre pregnancy now and feel great ! But all comes with hard work

  • S
  • Chesapeake, United States
  • a month ago

I’m a little self conscious of my postpartum tummy. Part of me isn’t used to the loose skin with stretch marks so I’m self conscious about it but the other part of me feels proud of my stretch marks and just wants tighten up the looseness.

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  • Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2 months ago

Just wondering, how could you carry a baby for 10 months?

  • M
  • St. George, United States
  • 2 months ago

Some people choose to go until baby decided to come on it's own. You'll read post on mom sites, about moms who did home births with a midwife and some of them have gone to 44-45wks pregnant before delivering their baby.

  • K
  • Marion, United States
  • 2 months ago

I still struggle.. my sister's never got any and I call my tummy Freddy Kruger.. and any time anyone sees it they say it's not that bad. But I feel gross I'm 102 lbs and look great in clothes. But hate being naked. I know it is possible for it not to happen I just wasn't that lucky. I used self tanning lotion and it helps a little. But I will never wear a bikini again.. now matter how skinny I am. It was worth it but our bodies go through so much sacrifice.. you are not alone. Mom tribe!

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