4 years ago

My postpartum tum!!

It’s easy to look at other moms posting gorgeous photos of their bodies postpartum. And good for you if you are one of those lucky moms! I’m not, my body is real. It’s covered in stretch marks and has lots of loose skin. But that’s ok, I’ll never have a flat defined scar free tummy. One day I’ll learn to love these marks from carrying my little boy for 10 months. 🤰🏼 Remember social media only shows us what people want us to see. Maybe not always the truth. So, for all you moms covered in tiger stripes too, this ones for you!! You are beautiful, I am beautiful, our scars are beautiful 💙💙💙
My postpartum tum!!

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6 months ago

Love this post. They are our scars for being amazing and doing what our bodies let us do x

9 months ago

You go gurl. That's a beautiful post and you're beautiful ❤

1 year ago

Ladies, try to use shea butter or aloe vera gel. It really helps

1 year ago

I stressed so much about my stretch marks when I was pregnant (multiple crying episodes) and now I couldn't care less and I mean that. ❤

1 year ago

I really struggle especially after my eldest i wasnt prepared too not fit in my jeans straight away as silly as it sounds! Ive had 4 kids including a section and im so big compared too 6 years ago. But you have too learn too accept to love it because of what your body has done for you xxx

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