Hello 🙂 here's a peri/menopause explainer 👇

Don't know about you, but I didn't have a clue about perimenopause, or menopause itself. Yes, your periods stop, and you get hot flushes. But what else? I didn't even think there was an 'else'! So, in case you might not know as much as you thought you did, I've put together a thing... WHAT IS THE MENOPAUSE? Firstly, it isn’t an illness, it’s a natural progression through life, just as puberty was. It happens because your female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) decrease over a number of years until, no more periods! There are three main parts to the menopause. You may not experience these phases as clearly defined as laid out here, but here’s a brief explanation of what each phase is. Peri-menopause This is the first phase during which the hormonal balance starts to change. It usually starts a few years before the natural menstrual cycle and periods stop for good. Many women will begin to experience symptoms during this phase. Menopause The medical definition relates to the time that periods have stopped for good. It actually refers to a single day, when a woman hasn’t had a period for a full year. That’s not such a useful definition in some ways, as female hormones continue to fall and menopausal symptoms continue. Post-menopause The post-menopausal phase kicks in after two years without a period. By this point, most people’s hormones will have settled into a new balance, and the symptoms experienced in the first two phases will have tailed off. However, a few may continue with symptoms during this phase, and that can carry on for quite a few years after the menopause. There is no set time-scale for this process. Everyone is different, and experiences can differ greatly. Your menopause is unique to you! If you’re younger than 45 and experiencing menopause symptoms, get checked by your doctor. Your symptoms might be related to other causes (including thyroid function, vitamin D deficiency, or low iron).
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Hope that's helpful - looking forward to getting to know you, and hopefully we can support each other through the 'Big M' 🙂❤

I relate to alot of the above, most each day, and hoping to chat with ladies that are going through similar

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Hey Fidelma 🙂 just give us a shout over in M-brace The Change group if there's anything in particular that we can help with 🙂❤

Im 51 no period for 10 years in post menopause...with bad anxiety and no appetite have to force myself to eat

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Hey Marcel ❤ have you addressed your hormone deficiency yet? You can start replacing those lost hormones into postmenopause, and many women feel the benefits of that... ❤

Thank you for taking the time To put that helpful Information together!! :)

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You're welcome Kris 😊 we've got loads more of that kind of thing over in our M-brace The Change group 🙂❤

THANKS I'll definitely check it out!! 🙂

Im 53 don't no weather I'm in pre menopause or not don't really have symptoms

Still have my periods regular

Hi Can someone suggest something herbal that’s good for night sweats that enables me to at least get some sleep? Doctors are useless been waiting over 6weeks for my coil to be changed as it’s not been a full 2 years without a period but boy I’m at my wits end suppose to be returning to work tomorrow all refreshed and I am anything but

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Hey Bev 🙂 magnesium glycinate supplement is great for night sweats for many people (me included!), and can also help with some of the other symptoms such as joint pain, sleep quality, focus, headaches... and it's high absorption and gentler on digestion than other types of magnesium 🙂❤

Think I’m going to print this out for my partner 😬

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Here it is: https://peanut.app.link/WYKdDsDyLlb 🙂

We've got a 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Menopause' post somewhere... *rummages in filing cabinet* 😁❤

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