Fussy 2 yr old.

Hi Ladies, I have a very fussy girl and doesnt like eatting anything apart from chicken nuggets lol Any one else have any ideas or food suggestions for me? Thanks mums x
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You tried chicken meatballs with hidden veg? I use chicken mince and grate zucchini, carrot etc and mix in then fry up on pan I also do a lot of patties too with veg in, as long as they are cheesey she likes them!

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Oohh i never thought of chicken mince i think i must try this. Thanks heaps

No worries! Add whatever veg into them and see how you go! Could even crumb them maybe for a more ‘nugget’ like effect haha

Not sure if this helps but my husband and I cook stir-fried chicken and rice and we role model this eating and our son loves it !

We even secretly add in broccoli and he loves it

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Ill try any sugestions atm haha this girl is sooooo fussy she spits everything out.. its getting bad

Have you tried make homemade chicken nuggets? You can use any veggies like carrot, spring onion, cabbage or whatever you have in the fridge but make sureyou chopped or grated and mix with chicken/beef mince. Add some starch flour, eggs and make into any shapes. Steam it for 15 min and let it cool down. After that you can fry it as usual. You can keep the rest in the freezer and cook it anytime when your bubba refused to eat. ❤️

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