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  • a year ago

Breastfeeding help!

Hi ladies! This is my first time on here so not sure how it works, but I’m looking for some advice! I’m breastfeeding my newborn daughter (6 days old) and it is incredibly painful! Cracked and all 😣 I breastfed my son, but he couldn’t nurse until 2 weeks old due to a surgery, so I pumped first. Breastfeeding was not painful with him and we did it for a year. The Lactation Consultant said she is latching correctly. I was using coconut oil to help but picked up lanolin today. Any other advice to help heal and be in less pain? How long does the cracking usually last? Thank you!!
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  • 22 days ago

My first few days my nipples were so cracked they would bleed it was terrible I religiously put on lanolin and it worked like magic!! After that it definitely got better

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  • a month ago

I had the same issue with my son. What I did was use my own breastmilk and rubbed it around my nipples. I did wonders!!! The milk helped it dry up the skin ( it would bleed) and within hour the pain would go away. If you haven’t yet, give it a try! ☺️

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So helpful!

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Is she tongue tied

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I never had any cracking like ever sometimes it was a little bit sore just from the nursing so much and the engorgement in the beginning but for the engorgement I just took hot baths and pumped if I needed to like if I got a clogged up and I was advised by lactation consultant to use lanolin if my nipples got cracked which they never did or what you also could do is maybe use a milk pad maybe that will be a little bit more gentler than the brawl that you're using hope you get better soon

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