4 years ago

Breastfeeding help!

Hi ladies! This is my first time on here so not sure how it works, but I’m looking for some advice! I’m breastfeeding my newborn daughter (6 days old) and it is incredibly painful! Cracked and all 😣 I breastfed my son, but he couldn’t nurse until 2 weeks old due to a surgery, so I pumped first. Breastfeeding was not painful with him and we did it for a year. The Lactation Consultant said she is latching correctly. I was using coconut oil to help but picked up lanolin today. Any other advice to help heal and be in less pain? How long does the cracking usually last? Thank you!!
Breastfeeding help!

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25 days ago

Silver nipple covers helped enormously for me x

2 months ago

The trick for me was to use pads over the coconut oil so it could really lock it that moisture, and not rub against my shirt or bra. Also, definitely could be a tongue tie. It shouldn’t hurt, it just only be uncomfortable. I would also evaluate her latch. Look at baby’s jaw and make sure it looks like he/she is biting when he/she is latched, that’s how it should look when they have a good latch. 

3 months ago

Check for lip and tongue tie.

5 months ago

Use a nipple shield when feeding. Then when your not feeding, put your on breast milk on them and sit out in the sun. They will heal in a few days. Try not to wear a bra if you can. Only use the shield when you need to. Do not use any ointments they need to by dry to heal. Make sure bub has heaps of nipple in her mouth

6 months ago

Nipple cream and nipple shield were my friends when i first started. It was tough but i got through. You got this mama, hust keep going. Youre doing a great job!💕

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