Raising children without religion

We are planning on raising our daughter (currently 4 weeks) without religion. It’s tricky because my boyfriend and I were both raised Protestant Christian. I am a theistic agnostic and my boyfriend is more an apathetic agnostic. We’ve thought about raising her with philosophical views and possibly Buddhist beliefs. What do you Suggest? Have you tried raising your children without religion? How do you discuss this with religious family members?
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I consider myself a secular Buddhist and just had a frank conversation with my Protestant mom about boundaries regarding religious indoctrination. I told her that she is welcome to discuss her beliefs, so long as it is framed as something she believes and not a universal truth. She seemed to take it well. Also, as far as raising your child with Buddhist beliefs — look into Jon Muth’s picture books. They’re an easy way to dip your toes into some Buddhist fables and introduce them to your little one. I absolutely adore “Zen Shorts” and highly recommend all of the Stillwater books.

I am pagan and my husband is agnostic, we are raising our girls with a respect for nature and being kind and taking care of fellow people while respecting themselves. We still do Christmas and Easter with family, just with Santa and the easter bunny. We’ve told our parents our beliefs and that we are not pushing any beliefs on our kids, but exposing them to many cultures and beliefs and allowing them to decide for themselves

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