• H
  • Ocean City, United States
  • 11 days ago

What do you guys talk to your babies about?

I have a two week old, and I want to expose her to as much dialogue as possible but I’m not really the talkative type. Ideas?
  • C
  • Draper, United States
  • 10 hours ago

I would literally walk around the house and talk about paintings on the walls or open up a catalog/coupon insert from the mail and point at pictures and colors. 😆 I would narrate the day too: “let’s go over here” “oh my gosh what a stinky diaper, lets get your outfit off and clean you up”. Oh and songs.. soooooo many songs.

  • S
  • East Sonora, United States
  • 2 days ago

About everything. If we are having a good day I will talk about how well it's going if we're having a rough day I will tell them about it. If I like a movie I will tell them or even will sing songs I like (if they're appropriate of course). I will tell them about dinner or whatever else.

  • Z
  • England, United Kingdom
  • 3 days ago

Absolutely everything, I complain about her dad to her, I complain about her brother, the dog, the foxes, I tell her how pretty she is and how she can't have a boyfriend/girlfriend till she's over 30 and I've been dead 10 years. I tell her about all the things I want to do with her when she's older but she isn't allowed to get older or bigger because I want her to be my little baby forever. On my darkest days she's my councillor I tell her all the things that are making me sad and want to cry and she just smiles at me and makes me cry more. You can talk to your baby about anything and everything, I started with the weather (very British I know) and it escalated from there

  • K
  • Renton, United States
  • 4 days ago

I used to talk for mine sometimes. Like I would say “your a silly girl” And then with a baby voice be like I’m not a silly girl mama 😂

  • S
  • Sierra Vista, United States
  • 4 days ago

I talked to my little one about EVERYTHING and I still do.

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