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  • Franklin, United States
  • 10 months ago

Age gap

Mommas with two or more kids what’s the age gap between your kids and what’s the pros and cons of having them that far apart / close together?
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  • CO, US
  • 3 months ago

I have 3 boys. The first two are 3.5yrs apart. The 3rd is 5.5 yrs from my 1st. My middle son gets along well with both brothers. The oldest and youngest butt heads 😂

  • S
  • Coldwater, United States
  • 3 months ago

Theres 2.5 years between my 1 year old daughter and 3.5 year old son. I love the age gap, i feel like he was old enough to understand and he loves her so much! They've been able to grow into each others favorite person over the year.

  • K
  • Orchard Park, United States
  • 3 months ago

My 2 are 4yrs, 4 months and 2 days apart

  • C
  • ENG, GB
  • 3 months ago

My daughter and son are 2 years 5 months apart. My daughter started nursery when my little man was a couple of months old so that was good timing as had time with the baby on my own and she was stimulated at nursery. Now they play really nice together but also argue as most siblings do. The only con I would say is that my little man (8 ½) finds it hard to understand why my daughter (who's 11 and just started secondary today) has a later bed time and just got a phone etc. He wants what she has and the idea of waiting drives him mad lol

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  • Midland, United States
  • 4 months ago

My 3 boys are almost exactly 7 years apart. They love it because they can teach each other things. My middle kiddo is determined to potty train his 2 year old brother. I’m happy for the help and they are all happy to have each other.

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