Hello 🥰 could someone help a new mom out 🙈 so my 5 month old is currently in the weaning stage has been for a good while now. He is having porridge in the morning then he’ll have a veg in the late afternoon and porridge before bed …

With bottles in between 6 ounce bottles but he’s not finishing them I’m assuming he’s full, but I’m not getting 3 hours out of him and he’s screaming at me because he’s hungry 🙈🙈 he’s currently on comfort cow and gate formula. He suffers from regurgitation also 🙈🙉
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Hi 👋 I’m weaning my 5 month old as well ( number 4), I do porridge in the morning, yoghurt mid morning, dinner afternoon, half a fruit custard pot in the evening and then porridge around 7pm. Also if you’re making your own dinners for him try and avoid lots of green veg as it’s harder to digest and can make them grumpy ( introduce slowly ). I use sweet potato instead of normal potatoe as it’s a nicer flavor and consistency. Hope this helps!

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Great thank you! Starting the sweet potato this week so hopefully that will make a difference. Thanks for ur advice 🥰

We had a similar issue at around three months and we changed to kendamil! Plus solids but absolute game changer!

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