Pregnancy heart burn

Hi mamas. I’m coming up to the end of my second pregnancy now (currently 39 weeks and one day). I’m keen to know what everyone has done with regards to dealing with heartburn ❤️‍🔥/ acid reflux ? I’ve found that so far nothing has helped me throughout my pregnancy besides chewing on ice cubes when I become extremely desperate for a solution .. 😭 …. What are your thoughts/ advices/ opinions on this topic ?
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I get really bad heart burn as well! Everyone’s recommend me to try QuickEze! And I’ve never gone back they’ve helped me so much and my heart burn goes straight away. There is tables and chewing ones! You can get it from any super market 🤍

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I’ll give it a shot ! Honestly I’m at such a desperate point 😂🥲 I could barely get any sleep because of the acid reflux/ heartburn and my whole body aches because of sleeping in a reclined manner .

I am on the gaviscon train at the moment.... it has helped me.

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I wish I could say the same !

I find that chewing gum just before or just after a meal helps the heartburn. Or also taking a shot of apple cider vinegar 😜 but it's not for everyone haha

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I tried that ! Haha unfortunately it still didn’t work out for me 🥲

Oh noo :( sorry. Smaller meals more frequently also helps me, but you've probably tried that too then lol oh, and apparently good posture is important, no slouching. My physiotherapist suggested I roll up a towel or sweater etc and put it behind my shoulder blades anytime I'm sitting for a period of time.

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