• A
  • Rittman, United States
  • 10 days ago

New Pants Phase

Well, the time came where hair-tying my jeans closed by the button wasn't good enough! So I went and got the real thing - Maternity pants. They had this cute wrap around pillow that you could strap on to make sure the elastic would still fit when your bump REALLY comes in. Made the whole thing way less stressful!
  • M
  • Eaton, United States
  • 4 hours ago

I go thru 3+ pair of maternity pants every time but my 1 pair of Lularoe leggings lasted the entire 9 months plus!!! I'll never buy another pair of maternity pants. Plus now I can wear them not pregnant!

  • Q
  • Cleveland, United States
  • 6 hours ago

Yeah I plan on buying yoga pants and leggings. Maternity clothes are a waste in my opinion

  • K
  • Barnsley, United Kingdom
  • 2 days ago

Even after giving birth I’m still only fitting in leggings! Must be only thing I’ve worn for over a year 😂

  • J
  • Strafford, USA
  • 5 days ago

Soooo am I the only one that is constantly pulling my maternity pants up I feel like I need suspenders, am I buying the wrong brand or something??? HELP

  • A
  • Rittman, United States
  • 5 days ago

I have to pull mine up a lot, too. I dont fold down the elastic or anything either. The actual jean part fits my legs and butt pretty nice, but i habent filled out enough to really keep them up yet. I bought 2 pairs with strechier elastic on purpose so they would last me the whole pregnancy, so i think its pretty normal!

  • A
  • Machesney Park, United States
  • 6 days ago

I wish I had a pillow like that when looking for maternity jeans! I've gone through 3 pairs now. I gave up and just have my 2 pairs of maternity leggings. Now THOSE are comfortable!

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