Toddler Breastfeeding to Sleep

Hello everyone! Needing some advice! Our LO who is 22 months is still being breastfed to sleep (I know, a terrible habit) Does anyone have any ideas on how to wean her or methods that worked for them this late in the game? Thank you!
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Not a terrible habit at all! Shortening the session are one way to start. Setting boundaries such as the length of nursing time can be a gentle way to begin weaning. You can layer in new bedtime routines as you begin to take away breastfeeding

We are in the same boat! all I can say is breastfeeding at this age is not for the weak and you’re doing amazing! We are also expecting #2 next year and I definitely want my boobs to be just mine for a few months lol! Odd question but have you noticed your LO being more attached to the boob since being pregnant?? I thought it would be the opposite but we’ve gone from two very strict scheduled feedings to feeling like I constantly have my boob out again

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Yes, totally more attached!! I don’t feed during the day but during night time she seems to walk milk all the time or even just the comfort of being on my boob! I’m hoping it’s just sleep regression!

We also breastfeed to sleep and although I don’t have a method how to stop it just here to say you are not alone and it’s not that terrible at all :)

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So thankful we are not alone!! We’re expecting baby #2 so we’re definitely trying to wean her off before new babe comes! So exhausted even thinking about the process!

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