Toddler refusing to eat

Hello everyone, I have a picky eater and now he pretty much doesn’t eat anything apart from snacks and sweeter stuff and yogurt.. the only times he eats is while watching coco melon and sometimes even that doesn’t work .. I dunno if I have coddled him but he isn’t gaining much weight and is a smaller kid overall. I keep getting concerned how to feed him well and his growth.. Help!
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Hi Divya, my 21 month old is in the same boat… he eats quite well but prefers carbs/sweet things/fruit… and I have a 3.5yo who is reluctant to eat anything much else either… They like to eat snacky foods, so sometimes I will just give them a plate of healthier snacks mixed with some of the things they like, ie corn chips, hummus, baby carrots, apple slices, cheese… My baby randomly loves beets from the jar, so I give him those too. They also love ANYTHING pasta, so I often make sauces packed with veggies and then blend them up and they’re none the wiser ;) You could also try smoothies?? That is another way I try to get more nutrition into them.. avocado, banana, spinach, yogurt, coconut water is a great easy one that they love. I like them because you can kind of throw whatever in ☺️ Hope this helps!

Hi Shamim, thank you for the response.. it’s the same with my son he probably just eats 1 proper meal. He is in daycare in the afternoon so I worry if he eats enough.. what multi vitamins are you using ?

Hi, Divya we are in the same boat. The thing is I find out mine 22months old eats way better in the afternoon than morning generally she eats just one meal properly so I put all of my efforts into the time that I feel she wants to eat. The second thing that boosted her appetite is daily multivitamins. Hope that it helps🙂

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