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Hi y’all! New to mum life, due 29th January… am I the only one who’s stumped with what to buy first? I feel like I’ve left it so late! What was first on your list of things to buy?
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There's so much to think about, so I started with the big stuff first... Bassinet Cot Change table Clothes storage Then I gradually got the stuff needed for those, sheets, nappies etc Left clothes till last...

I was the same, I just researched must haves and what not to buy and the reason behind them! At first, we bulk bought from Facebook Marketplace baby clothes as they grow so quick! Then a few nicer/particular outfits from actual stores. Then a capsule and a base for the car as its so much easier keeping your child in the capsule than taking them out everytime. You just have to be careful when they are asleep that you don't put them down on the floor in the capsule, as their head can slump down and block their airway. Then we got a bassinet, so they could be close to our bed during those first few months and a few blankets. Hope that helps 👍🏻😊

If you want tips where to start I'd say get somewhere for baby to sleep, clothes, some type of nappies, and some way to feed them. There is so much stuff out there it is overwhelming. You can always get more stuff from there. That's kind of the basics

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Thanks yeah I think the basics first cause I’ve always been told that the checklists have so many things listed that you don’t actually use

For me first thing on my list is baby clothes! Sooo cute 😊 plus this is my third baby so have the bassinet and pram etc

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