Anyone given birth yet??

Hi everyone. I was due in the 13th September but baby didn’t want to come into this world until the 21 September by c section. I ended up having a 12lb 1 oz (5.5kg) baby as my first baby. A little bigger than I was expecting 😂😂Anyone else given birth yet? How are you all doing with your recovery and sleep?
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Wowzer well done Mama! I gave birth on the 4th also by c section at 39 weeks. Recovery of C section has been alot better and easier than I thought it would be!

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Same!! I heard it could be horrific but I have been lucky and it’s been pretty good really.

I gave birth on the 15th via C-section too. To a 4.8kg baby 😉 How is your recovery going? He is my 2nd and feels like it's much easier this time around!

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Wow 4.8kg! That’s some good baby cooking 😊. My recovery is great. Walking up to an hour most days now. How is yours going??

Congratulations! I was also the 21st and had a c section☺️

Congratulations! I gave birth on the due date at 20 September so just 1 day before you... Am definitely sleep deprived 😪... How are you surviving during this strange times? I'm finding it alot more difficult without support this time around!

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