Just after signing up! Will have a fun afternoon sussing things out 😅😂 how is everyone doing. 25weeks yesterday and it’s just hit me I’m going to have a mini me in 3 months and how little I have done in terms of preparing for this next chapter! Started shopping recently (online, thank you Covid) which is overwhelming as basing decisions on reviews and photos…. Anyone else feeling same?
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Hey! I would honestly recommend getting a bulk amount of someone's baby clothes on Facebook Marketplace or TradeMe for cheap. As they grow so fast, there is a lot of clothes they need. Then as you have the 'basics' so you can splurge on some nice outfits for each stage of their first year of life 😁

I hit the bullet and purchased stroller, pram and capsule from Farmers, availabled of the end of their sale. Figure if I don’t like or find something better, can always on sell 😅

Same! 27 weeks now and haven’t gotten much as I had planned to check out things at the baby show (but then Covid)… and being in Auckland I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to walk physically into a store anytime soon. Have followed all the shops and brands on IG to keep an eye on sales… but even then I’d still like to see and push a stroller around before I buy it. 🤣

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I know the feeling. I'm also 27 weeks pregnant and stuck in lockdown (in Hamilton though so I don't have it as hard as you). I've attended the baby expo back in June and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to push a nice stroller. My husband is 6'5 so we needed one that could adjust to his height. Obviously it was a top of the line one (it's an Edwards & Co) so it's gonna be expensive. Still waiting for it to get on sale. Do you reckon there will be sales this weekend or maybe we'll have to wait for black Friday?

Hi Bridget! I’m definitely on the same page! 24 weeks in a couple days and not a thing purchased yet 😂 Don’t really have the luxury of family or friends walking us through the process of when’s the best time to start investing in baby so have just started kicking into gear. Shopping is really difficult, we are very lucky being able to walk into stores but farmers and baby factory do online checklists and obviously waiting for those sales to follow suit 😄

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