Hey everyone, new to the group! Due January 29th and both scans bubs had legs crossed so gender is still a surprise 🤣 anyone else in the same boat?
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I'm due January 20th

I'm due jan 5th! We chose to wait and find out when bub comes so kind of in the same boat with the not knowing lol!

Yes!! I'm due January 18th and baby was hiding at both scans! We've just decided to just go with it and having a suprise birth!

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I'm dues 18th as well 😊 My friend had the same with her little girl hiding

Congrats! I’m due 19th. Decided to keep gender a surprise and keep everyone guessing 😅

Congrats of the pregnancy! Same due date as me! Aw noooo baby is being difficult 😩 we were very lucky to know straight away but my sister did a surprised reveal and made us wait 3 weeks to organise it 😅

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