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  • a month ago

Flying with baby👶

Hey mamas! How old was your little the first time you flew with them? Any tips for a reasonably comfortable flight? I have never flown anywhere and the idea scares the crap out of me so I have 0 experience in this department. But my SO and his family want to go on vacation and are trying to convince me flying is fine. I REALLY want to do this. But now with my little jelly bean it is a whole other concern. She is currently 6 months would be at least 9 or 10 months by the time we went and to be fair I would probably be sedated due to my extreme anxiety sooooo any advice would be so appreciated 😬
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I flew a lot alone in my sons first year, a few tips I learned. 1- get to the airport plenty early and grab a seat at a restaurant and have an alcoholic beverage. I was always got so worked up and anxious for the flight and that would help :) 2- bring a stroller with a large under storage, when traveling with a baby, having plenty of room for blankets and toys and snacks while walking around the airport is so convenient 3- prepare yourself before you get on the plane, your baby is probably going to cry and by cry I mean scream for a bit of the flight, of course there are always the nice people on the plane who have kids or grandkids and don’t mind but you will also have dicks who give you the eye or even say something, just ignore them and 4- if you can sleep train your baby, try to keep your baby awake for a bit before you board and don’t start dishing out food and toys until you are actually taking off, not when you board or are taxing

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My little one has flown 4 times already and she is 1 year. I make sure to time the feeding when the plan takes off... because they baby needs to swallow to clear their little ears... best thing I did each time !!! No tears!!! Most people on the plane did not know I had my baby.

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Girl this is probably the best time to fly until they are about 3 lol . Wear your baby in a carrier in the airport and a super cozy blanket and pillow for the flight try not to carry too much stuff with you on the actual trip check it in if possible it may cost more but will make life easier. I have flown several times even alone with both kids and my best advice would be not to skip sleep or delay naps or keep them. Up or hand the baby electronics as they have a hard time shifting off of it. Lots of snacks enjoy the flight and pack little presents wrap them and open them kids love that

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We took my daughter on her 1st plane cross country when she was around 4 months old. Then around 10 months I took her cross country again-by myself. She has flown so much over her 18 months. We even did 5 flights in 3 weeks, 3 of which happened within 72 hours. *Make sure to have back up clothes and diapers. Sometimes altitude changes can reek havoc on those little tummies. *Snacks once they are old enough. Just make your own mini bags of things that you can pull out 1 at a time. It’s so much easier to deal with a tiny pack then a full bento box. *My daughters #1 aid has been breastfeeding. Especially during take off and the descent. The major pressure changes can make your ears go crazy. We can just chew gum or pop ours ears-if you know how. But for babies sucking is the best thing I’ve found. I’ve busted out the bottle on the tarmac while waiting to take off. Saving the boobies for once I know she will go down. Mostly she sleeps. Thank the wind gods. 💖😜

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We spent about 25 hours in transit when our son was 4-5 months old. Tips: - security - easier to carry bub in a carrier on you. You will need to put the carrier through the X-ray machine, but you’ll be able to carry bub through the metal detector. Make sure you have all necessary paperwork easily accessible - take overnight flights. Babies sleep for most of the flight, if not the whole flight - check if you can get the bassinet seats - more leg room and space to move around and tend to bub - if your baby is too long for the bassinet, consider purchasing an inflatable cushion/footrest eg. Plane Pal to prop your feet up so that bub can lie in your lap - our friends traveled from the US to Aus with their 9 month old. They said to bring snacks, new toys, and walk around with bub as much as possible because they won’t want to stay in their seat with you the whole time It’s not impossible to travel with a little one. Good luck!

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