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Hi, i have a 2 year old and stuggle to get him into a deep sleep even after taking him a sleep school program. Has anyone used the glow dream product and has had much success
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Hi I have a glow dream and we love ours !

I have never used Glow Dream but I did use doterra for a little while. I also find it helpful to play sounds at a low volume for my 2 year old as well. She was a terrible sleeper from about 4 to 16 months. Refused to sleep in her cot, would cry the house down all night... nay I ask what his routine is?

I use pure essential oils, a diffuser, sleepy spray and a sleepy roller 🙌🏽 the diffuser is also has red and blue light therapy, nature sounds and white noise ! My 1 year old used to scream our house down, these oils have really helped ! I put the diffuser on with sleepy oils at dinner time, and after dinner I shower them with a little sleepy oils, and the spray their pyjamas and pillow with their sleepy oils and than roll their sleepy oils on before I put him in bed !! It works like a TREAT ✨

What are your sleep times? Nap time?

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So my son only naps once a day because if he naps too much he won’t sleep at night, so his nap is after lunch, usually around 1pm and he will sleep for 2-3 hours and bed time is 8pm gf

We got in a sleep consultant. My girl goes down for her nap at 1230 and can sleep up to 3pm but not longer. 2 hours is preferable, but we usually get 1 hr and 30 mins. If it is a bad sleep, she goes to bed at 6pm. Good sleep is 645 and great sleep it 7ishpm. These are lights out times having completed routines and books. She wakes at 7am. Overtired, she doesn’t get into a deep sleep and will wake in the night. Maybe have another play around with times. Changed our lives. Used to wake up every night, 30 min nap once a day, had to BF or cuddle to sleep and now 95% of the time sleeps through the night. This was seen 1.5 weeks into the program back in July.

I used the glow dream when my son was younger and it helped I guess. The thing that works best for us is a walk or play at the park home for a tub and relaxing with a movie

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