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Hi mummas I'm stuck on what to get my baby girl for Christmas. She'll be 4 and a half months old and I'm really stuck. I know what to get my 3 year old boy but I'm stick on baby girl. Can you mummas please help me out with some ideas?? Thanks mums
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Get her something she needs, like swimming togs or something else practical. She most likely wont remember her first christmas. If she is grabbing things buy a couple bags of candy canes to help her hand out to family so she learns early that christmas is about giving not receiving, more than likely she will want to play with the wrapping paper anyway

I agree , i was thinking of a push walker , I know its a bit early but they can still push buttons while sitting.

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At least it will be something that will last a while. Some toys don't last a lot.

I'm just getting a few smaller items - montessori style toys, some board books (you know the "that's not my" touchy Feely ones) and a big water play mat. I may also cave and get a ball pit but not sold on that idea yet

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