Need quick meal ideas

Hi all you gorgeous mummas... Since we're all in the same boat trying to balance life with new baby and family, what are your go to meals when it's dinner time? Or what are your freezer meals (if prepped and stored in freezer)? I'm needing inspiration and ideas for quick dinner meals for me, my husband and 2 kids while looking after an infant baby!
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We decided to get My Food Bag for a wee while to take the pressure off thinking about what to cook. If you can stretch the purse strings it is great. If not, corn fritters are always an easy pleaser in this house. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Corn fritters! Yes adding that to my list... Foodbag also good idea

Pasta dishes are always quick and easy and can be frozen well. We make it with marinara sauce, pesto and pasta salad.

Filled wraps is always quick and easy. For my boys, I’ll just do ham and cheese and toast them. Bangers, mash (Cinderella instant mash) and peas are also quick and quiche with salad or veg and baked beans on the side. I love having lasagne in the freezer, I’ll do a few over the weekend and freeze them. Quiche also freezes well so does Bolognese sauce (then you just add pasta) as well as cooked meatballs.

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