Moving from bassinet to cot

Hey all! New here. Just wondering how people approached moving baby from bassinet to a cot, if people are like our little one and rapidly approaching not fitting in the bassinet and getting too wiggly for it- did you do it gradually or just go from one to the other in a night? Any tips or advice? Baby girl i
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We just put Mackenzie in it after normal bedtime routine, she was perfectly fine and slept all night. You could tell she was excited to not have her arms get stuck between the bars of the bassinet anymore.

This wasn't intentional but we ended up setting it up in the lounge to start with and bubs had a few day sleeps in it here and there. Had her first night sleep in it last night and it's been all good.

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Yea we've been doing naps in her cot for the past couple days! Might have to bite the bullet and just try it at night!

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