4 years ago

Breast milk question!

Hey mamas! I was wondering something. I pumped milk on the way home for work. Left it out for over 4 hours. My question is, how long is breastmilk safe to put back in the fridge after pumping 😫 i don’t wanna waste it
Breast milk question!

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1 year ago

Honestly it is good for waaaay longer than they say. Every lactation consultant I've worked with has said that a baby won't drink it if it is bad so you can be extremely flexible. We leave ours out throughout the night and feed the baby when he wakes and have never had a problem at all. Done this with two kids.

1 year ago

Milk that isn't needed by bubba is all great for your hair as a treatment so that it doesn't get wasted x

1 year ago

I used my milk that I wasn’t sure of in baby’s bath soft skin and no waste 🙌❤️🙌

2 years ago

Smell / taste! If it not good then it will smell yucky! If it fine you should smell anything or it should smell sweet

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1 year ago

This is not always true because if you produce high amounts of lactic acid it can smell and taste bad when even fresh this can happen to anyone working out can make it worse. 😩

2 years ago

I’ve been told the rule of 6! 6 hours at room temperature 6 days in fridge & 6 months in freezer x

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