4 years ago

Let dads be a dad

I’ve struggle letting my husband be a dad. If he isn’t doing it the way I do it, it’s wrong an I push him out the way. I need to stop!! It’s not fair for him or Asher. I get so anxious an totally dismiss my hubs. Anyone else have this issue? If so how are you trying to make things better?
Let dads be a dad

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1 month ago

My husband does alot when I'm at work but when I'm home we tend to butt heads due to me being tired and him being tired .. so I can say he and I both try out best to make things even...

7 months ago

I have a similar issue myself😭

7 months ago

Oh I am the same. Help🙈🤦🏻‍♀️

1 year ago

I’m there with you! I do this all the time to the point where my husband now doesn’t know the routine, likes or dislikes of our baby! But then i catch myself getting so mad at you for not helping!!! It sucks and something I’m trying to work on!

1 year ago

I’m mothering him and the baby when I go to work constantly ‘checking in’ driving myself mad with anxiety

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