To sleep train or not?

My little one is 4 months old, and is a terrible sleeper! When he was a baby he slept through, maybe woke once for a boob and that was it. In the last few weeks he’s waking several times a night, getting him down to sleep is a nightmare that leaves us both in tears and he’s awake again in 45minutes! I’m nervous about sleep training, because we bounce around houses all the time, some days at my mums, some days at my partners and recently some days at my grandparents, so CIO isn’t an option, others hear him cry and they’re straight up to him! Does anybody have experience sleep training, or has anyone been in a similar situation with the bouncing around ? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated, From one tired and frustrated Mama!
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There is a 4 month sleep regression that possiply has kicked in. Signs of sleep regressions are - battling naps and bedtime, becoming more clingy, looking for more feeds and waking more frequently during the night. While going through any sleep regression, it wouldn't be the best time to sleep train. I'd give it another few weeks to settle down first and then re-assess.

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