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Hi everyone, I am sitting next to my son's cot while he sleeps to stop him from rolling onto his chest. At night I stare at the camera and get up every time he rolls to put him back on his back. I bearly got any shut eye lastnight. I don't know what else to do to keep him on his back?
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Totally varies from baby to baby, my new wee dude isn’t rolling at all yet, but my daughter was commando crawling at 4 months old. I’d say during the day when he’s rolling, let him get frustrated with the stuck arm rather than pulling it out for him. He will figure it out eventually!

Thanks for the reply. He's rolling onto his tummy but can't get his arm out yet. He cant roll from tummy to back. Do you know how long this will last? He's always been ok on his back. We are trying to do lots of tummy time to make him stronger.

I was told that once baby can roll, they’re ok to sleep however they can. This assuming they can roll both ways I guess. She didn’t specify. However my first baby was a tummy sleeper. If they’re in a safe sleep environment, then they should be fine. Alternatively you can get “safety sleep” things that strap baby to the bed. I remember losing nights of sleep with my first babe just making sure she was breathing etc.

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