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  • Calgary, CA
  • a month ago

Struggling to fill the day

I have a 4 month old and he's awake more hours in a day. The problem is, I'm struggling to fill all those hours. We sing, we read, we practice rolling over and do lots of tummy time. What else can I mix into our day to keep things interesting and help his development? We live in Canada and it's very, very cold right now... Going outside isn't really an option!
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  • Rochester, United States
  • 2 days ago

I know this sounds weird but walk around your house and talk to him about everything in the house. My daughter really liked the fridge and all the stuff on it.

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  • Dallas, United States
  • 2 days ago

I give my little one a bit of independent playtime. I felt guilty at first but 10-15 minutes of playing in his play gym doesn’t hurt him and gives me a chance to take a brain break and scroll on social media or drink some tea. I also switch out his toys every few days so it’s always something new and exciting!

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  • Petrolia, CA
  • 8 days ago

See if they have tales for tots at your library! My baby has adored going since 3 months old and shes now 7 months

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  • Webster, United States
  • 11 days ago

Lay in bed with them and cuddle them!

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  • Celina, United States
  • 12 days ago

Do you have any hobbies? Or maybe a side gig that could keep you busy? 😁

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