Santa or no?!?!

Know that our babies are getting older and understanding more are you guys teaching your kids that gifts are from Santa or mom and dad? The last 2 years we did Santa and she didn’t understand but the more I think about I don’t know if I want her to think Santa gets her all these nice gifts every year. I am on a Facebook mom group and one mom posted asking how to explain to her children that Santa couldn’t bring them gifts (I am buying them a few things!) and that really made me rethink the idea of Santa but I also don’t want to take the magic away. Sorry for the rant but if you ladies could give me your opinions I would really appreciate, with this being my first child I just don’t want to do something now and regret it in the future!
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We had the same thoughts with my partner. We decided we would will tell them about Santa as a truth of believes and stories of some cultures but that he doesn't really exist. We are planning on introducing different Christmas celebrations around the world through books that teach diversity. To respect different forms of celebration but without lying to them. We have a baby atm so haven't had chance to organise this properly but the plan is every year read and embrace a different style of celebration.

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P.s Shana I just realised our children are the same age. Both born on the same month 🥰

I love that! I also have a 4 month old and I just don’t want my girls to think some guy loves 1 child more than another based on the amount of stuff they get on Christmas and also want them to understand that sometimes other children will not be able to have the things they have or vice versa but we should love and appreciate one other and be thankful the things we have. I just want to raise the best little human beings I can

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